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  • found on the beach x2

    It’s been a minute since my last found on the beach post. I’ve still be wandering the beach, picking up things that catch my eye and photographing arrangements but I haven’t been sharing my work. To be honest, I’ve felt a bit discouraged. An anonymous commenter (of course) left some

  • found on the beach – mellow yellow

    I’ve been holding on to these photos for quite a few months now. Sadly, I haven’t been doing too much beach combing lately. The last time I went was actually my birthday at the beginning of the month. While there is still more trash than there should be, my favorite

  • found on the beach

    This is a little bit different than my normal found on the beach arrangements. There weren’t too many large items on the beach to be picked up. Woo! The city does a decent job of keeping larger debris off the beach during the warm months. They use a backhoe to

  • found on the beach

    The weather here in Cleveland is finally warming up, at least for now. Everyone knows we’ll probably get at least one last surprise snow storm because that’s just what happens here. The warm-ish weather had me aching to get back to the beach. It’s been so long since my last

  • found on the beach

    I’ve been talking a lot about the beach here on the blog these last few weeks. Driftwood forts, presents for strangers + magical sunsets. Beach talk always starts to happen as the weather warms up a little bit more but I recently started following a bunch of beach glass people